Friday, March 30, 2012


For God alone my soul waits in silence; from Him comes my salvation  ~Psalm 62:1
There are many things in this world to wait for... make it God.
During my devotions this morning I just couldn't make it past this first verse in Psalm 62. Sometimes there is just so much in a verse it is impossible to get past in one morning. Here are a few thoughts and questions as I meditated on what the psalmist said...

For God alone...  ~Psalm 62:1

There are many things in this world for someone to desire... for the psalmist it is God.
Is God the greatest desire of my heart?
If God is my greatest desire, is it visible in my life?
Is my desire for God manifested in any other way than just waiting?
Do my family and friends see my desire for God without me pointing it out? soul...  ~Psalm 62:1

For this soul God is the greatest desire.
My innermost being and thoughts... that which is eternal... who I am.
I can only speak for myself... can I recognize it in others?
My soul... where does that come from? God made me... I am His already

...waits in silence;  ~Psalm 62:1

Waiting for something ascribes it value and worth... a desirability.
Waiting for something speaks of a subjection to it... should be willingly.
Waiting in silence for a soul predisposed to anything else is impressive.
My soul does not have the ability to wait in silence... I want to worry and fret.
If my soul is waiting in silence then it is an act of God... seriously.
Waiting in silence inidicates a respect and reverence for what one waits for.
Waiting in silence for God indicates His ability to satisfy beyond the actual act of satisfying.

...from Him...  ~Psalm 62:1

That is God... there is no other way.
God is giving and gracious... He is so merciful to those who do not deserve it.
God has something for me... for you... from Him.

...comes...  ~Psalm 62:1

Everything does not have to be right now.
There should be an element of anticipation in my relationship with God.
This is why my soul can wait in silence... I know God comes. salvation.  ~Psalm 62:1

God brings salvation with Him.
I need to be saved... do I know what from?
I have been saved from the punishment of sin... but not its power or presence... it comes.
There is a resolved and quiet calm because I am not trying to save myself.
My salvation comes from God... He is not merely contributing to what I am doing.
This salvation is personal... it is mine.
I desire God... salvation is the benefit of that desire.
Why doesn't the thing I need saved from disquiet my soul? Oh... right... God comes.
I and all creation are moving towards a day from which we need saved.
How did I come to know this God?

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